Founded in 2018, we are a growing team of scientists, patient advocates, and entrepreneurs committed to bringing a new level of diagnosis to cervical cancer. At GBG, we believe our molecular diagnostic will become the new gold standard for cervical cancer diagnosis and improve women's health outcomes on a global level.



GBG is developing a cutting-edge test for HPV infection that provides early detection using biomarkers to identify precancerous cellular changes. Our breakthrough technology will have the ability to categorize disease severity, detect emerging HPV genotypes for which no current diagnostic test exists, and will help guide clinicians in selecting the most appropriate personalized therapy based on a patient's own HPV carcinogenic potential.  With the ability to differentiate between grades of cervical cancer by molecular signature, we possess a clear advantage over traditional tests.


Human papillomavirus (HPV caused 570,000 cases of cervical cancer and 311,000 deaths globally in 2018. More than 85% of these deaths occurred in underdeveloped countries. Of the more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections acquired every single day worldwide, HPV is one of the most common.  At any point in time 290 million women are infected with the virus that causes cervical cancer, profoundly impacting global health. Cervical cancer can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage. These are the facts driving us to develop a better diagnostic that can catch cervical cancer earlier- when it can still be cured.  


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