OroQuant 4Dx

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Our OroQuant 4Dx for in vitro diagnostic, provides quantitative information on three levels: the quantity of E6, E7 overexpression inside each cell, DNA proliferation status of cells, and PDL-1 status to determine cells that have both high proliferative activity as well as oncogene overexpression.

  • OroQuant 4Dx test uses a novel in situ hybridization technique with a proprietary probe.

  • OroQuant 4Dx test is based on the fact that the oncogenic genotypes of HPV can over express E6 and E7 mRNA following integration of HPV into the host genomic DNA; a process that causes cellular transformation and progression to cervical cancer. Cellular transformation is further measured by the proliferative activity of the cells by measuring those in the cycling phase Post G0/G1.

  • Th eOroQuant 4Dx test does not destroy the cell for the purposes of detection so the cell remains intact.