Gypsy Bay is developing a cutting-edge test for cervical HPV infection that provides early detection of precancerous cellular changes. By leveraging universal HPV genotyping, novel epigenetic profiling, and a predictive analytics platform, our breakthrough technology will have the ability to differentiate between grades of cervical cancer by molecular signature in order to guide clinicians in selecting the most appropriate treatment options for their patients.



Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections, with 79 million people in the US currently infected and 14 million new cases arising each year. Of the 570,000 new cases of HPV induced cervical cancer annually, it is the resource-limited regions of the world which bear the brunt of the disease, and result in 90% of the cervical cancer deaths each year— a somber statistic which is predicted to rise to 98% by 2030.  Cervical cancer can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage. These are the facts driving us to develop a better diagnostic that can catch cervical cancer earlier- when it can still be cured.  


Gypsy Bay Genomics is a growing team of scientists, patient advocates, and entrepreneurs committed to advancing the fight against all HPV cancers. Founded in 2018, GBG is a Department of Defense spinout whose goal it is to increase accessibility and efficacy of HPV testing to improve health outcomes on a global scale.

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